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    Biobe is an energy-saving outdoor air intake valve for window frame or slab, suitable for both refurbished and newly constructed buildings. With the BIOBE valve, you can adjust the amount of intake air and ensure adequate ventilation in the rooms. The filter removes dirt from incoming air and allows the valve to be installed further away from the wall.

    Available in various sizes: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm.


    The ventilation systems of the Renson windows are aesthetic, compact and provide effective ventilation. They create a healthy indoor climate and save energy. They can be installed on any type of window: plastic, timber or aluminum windows. Products are available in anodized surface finishes or powder coated in more than 150 RAL colors. Ventilation profiles are easy to install and maintain.


    This is an automatic ventilation valve. The moisture sensor fibers react to changes in the humidity level, and the ventilation openings open automatically. The humidity sensitivity of the air units is tuned and stabilized at the factory. They are assembled with a standard or silencer exterior resin (up to 37 dB). The color of the inlet module can be selected by matching the color of the window frame. You can also choose an external color. Basic colors: white, light brown and dark brown.