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    • Solid wood windowsill lamellas (40-50mm) in total width glued and lenght-fingered (widthwise), edges rounded R3
    • Window Sills Dimensions:
      Thickness: 30mm
      width: up to 500mm (over 350mm, there is no guarantee of curvature)
      length: up to 4000mm
    • Selection: finger-joined pine, meranti and oak
    • Finishing: impregnation, tail / primer, paintbrush / paint
    • Laminated timber extensions are ideally suited for internal logging of windows in log houses and in places where the regular lacquer wall thickness is insufficient.
    • Extensions are made of laminated timber that is glued together in length and with a length of finger (the width of the finger).
    • Usually, the wood and finish of the hinge extensions is based on the windows and doors of wood and the finish to which extensions are added.
    • Extensions dimensions:
      thickness: backward 25mm, front edge 30mm
      width: up to 500mm (over 350 mm, there is no warranty for curvature)
      length: up to 4000mm
    • Type of wood (usually the same as in the window and door):
      finger-joined pine, meranti or oak
    • Finishing: impregnation, stain / primer, paintbrush / paint