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It’s all about colour

Creating the perfect colour scheme for your home doesn’t have to stop at the interior decoration – now you can choose a colour scheme for the uPVC windows and doors in your property, creating a different aesthetic affect with a wide range of colours and finishes.

Our woodgrain laminate foils are durable, scratch resistant, can be easily cleaned and offer high performance and longevity in all types of weather conditions. Popular options of Rosewood, Mahogany and Golden Oak are joined by strong contemporary and traditional colours such as Chartwell Green, Brilliant Blue and Claret Red.

Diverse set of different shapes

If you wish to order windows with a special shape, we are able to help you. We can make round, triangular, trapezoid windows and other windows requiring custom-made solutions. Windows can be made either from standard or special colour profiles. Depending on the shape and measures, special-shape windows can also be made with the opening possibility. Please let us know of your requests and we will try to find a suitable solution for you.