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  • Looks like new for many years

    As a structural material, uPVC is very easy to clean and care for, because it does not require any special treatment due to High Definition Finishing. It can be hand washed with soap and water. Thanks to the HD-finishing you don’t have to worry about rot nor re-painting the products.

    Better energy efficiency

    Unlike metal frames, uPVC does not conduct heat. So, choose it for your doors and windows, and you will be making your home more energy efficient. As less heat can pass through the material, rooms stay warmer, and it is easier to keep the house comfortable and the bills smaller.

    Feel more secure at home

    As well as being a naturally strong and hard wearing material, it is also very difficult to break, even when force is applied. In addition, we also offer features, which increase security and are applicable for every window and door style. In general, the additional measures for burglar protection are recommended for the ground floor rooms because they are easier to reach to.

    The additional measures for increasing security: special handles, glass panes and locking systems – optimized for burglar defence.

    Less noise more comfort

    Windows with good weather sealing are essential for effective sound insulation. uPVC window profiles are welded and have multiple chamber construction. These two factors combined with the thickness of glass, provide the finished window with excellent acoustic insulation, reflecting sound waves before they have the opportunity to create vibrations and noise.

    Noise reductions of up to 40-45dB can improve your sleep, decrease stress, improve a work environment and concentration, and add re-sale value to your home.