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The traditional and century-old window material timber adds a sleek and natural look. We offer a variety of options to fit the windows perfectly with your home interior. This means that the window color can be changed according to the wishes and needs, and windows can be made in different shapes and sizes, for example: triangular, oval, trapezoidal, and the likes. Most windows can be opened.

Timber windows and doors provide a pleasant and comforting environment. Our gaskets are weather proof and allow you to control the indoor climate of the rooms. Moreover, the glass packages contribute to energy efficiency. The electricity bills will be reduced as there is no need to use as much heating after changing the windows to achieve the same internal temperature.

Aluminium window sill protects the bottom of the window and the frame from rainwater, ensuring the longevity of the window:

The most critical areas of the wooden window, i.e. the frame and the lower part, are protected by aluminum profiles. The outer side of the wood-aluminum window frame and the frame is covered with aluminum profiles, which provides enhanced weathering and makes the window easier to maintain.